Countryboy (Charatan’s Countryman)

Handmade briar tobacco pipe

Countryboy (Charatan’s Countryman)

Handmade tobacco pipe

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This tobacco pipe is my first replica of the renowned “Countryman” model from Charatan’s London workshop* in the 1960s. Its design was revolutionary for its era and continues to command attention today, exuding a timeless elegance with its balanced and robust contours.
It is an exact copy of an original “Countryman” that a friend entrusted to me for restoration.

My “Countryboy” is handcrafted from Greek briar, and the hand-cut acrylic stem is tailored to accommodate a 9mm filter.

*Charatan is one of England’s oldest pipe makers. In 1863 Frederick Charatan, a Russian/Jewish immigrant, opened a shop London, where he began carving Meerschaum pipes (made from the mineral sepiolite, also known as meerschaum). Soon, these pipes became very popular, leading Charatan to move to a larger workshop. There, he began making briar pipes that would eventually make the brand famous worldwide. Charatan was the first brand to make entirely hand-made briars, from the rough block to the finished pipe, including the stems. The nomenclature “Charatan’s make” refers to this method of production and was meant to differerentiate Charatan from other brands who “assembled” pipes from pre-drilled bowls and ready-made mouthpieces.
Being the undisputed No. 1 in English pipemaking, Charatan was approached by Alfred Dunhill who was unsatisfied with the quality of the pipes he imported from France. Between 1908 – 1910 Dunhill purchased pipes from Charatan paying exorbitant prices to ensure he had some of the very best pipes for sale in England.


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Charatan Countryman


9 mm

STUMMEL Greek Briar
STEM Handcut Acrylic
LENGTH146 mm
CHAMBER20x40 mm